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Lost package?


"Guangzhou processing center, has been exported to each other (domestic by Transfer) 2018-08-30 " is the last update I got on my package RC702998155SG it had been more than 2 months and my returned iterm is still not received by my seller . I assume it is already lost , so is there a way to contact you guys to compensate back the lost good or can you give me an update on the whereabouts of this iterm .

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i am just trying to have a third party confirm details Seller assures me
my epacket Tracking number :LY703516764CN has indeed left and is in route but all tracking services suggest it is still in Kun Ming i pllan to follow there policy on lost items just i also ordered something else a day before and i got the weeks ago the biggest reason i can suspect is that one did not go thur Kun Ming
April 3
In transit - Arrived at the waypoint
Kunming International Mail Processing Center
March 28
In transit - Departed waypoint
Supervision Center
March 28
Package accepted
Supervision Center
it appears my package may be lost in transit. What should I do?
Hi there, I bought a package from ebay coming from china in January. It arrived in California on Jan 22 and said it was supposed to be delivered on Jan 25 to Nevada. It is now May 17 and have not gotten anything. The delivery date disappeared from the tracking on usps a couple days after it was supposed to be delivered and just says arrived at isc in los Angeles. I checked tracking on ebay and the delivery updated to April 17 so I waited but still nothing. I checked the ebay tracking again after a little bit and it went back to the delivery being Jan 22. Please let me know what is going on. The tracking number is LS412378422CN. This is supposed to be a present for my sister and they're moving out that house soon.
Hi daisy

Can you help me with the status of LZ791536444CN

It was supposedly departing China in April. And is yet to arrive to its destination

Many thanks
Hello, my package has been in stuck in Guangzhou. The tracking number is CY002275060CN
Delivery failed invalid address is what it says when I look it up…
Tracking number
Thanks for any help
I live in the country I need it delivered to my PO Box 3 Yettem, Ca 93670
My parcel is stuck at a location since 9/28, my tracking is LY865292993CN
Where is my package
Where is my package at LY900143114CN
Hello, I ordered a package on October 10th and it said it would take 30 days from china to the united states. Well, I got a notification saying that it was successfully delivered to my address on November 10 and it wasn't by my door or in a mailbox and I didn't receive a note or a new tracking number. when it hit the postal office here is the tracking number the sender gave me AQ470055157CN. Please help me find my package or if possible give me another tracking number.

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