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My own clothes 1,5 month in custom security!!!!


Why my own clothes in custom security 1,5 month. What do I have to do to get them?

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Hi Gala,

You need to contact Guangzhou customs (020-81102000) to ask what happened to it. If they are only clothes, you'd better wait for more days to see.

Yes, I called. But there is only Chinese language. Have any contact are speaking English?
Hi Gala,

Sorry, there is no English service.
Look , there is something wrong. I have my clothes, shoes, etc, which I urgently need. And how is custom just stopped it? Is it can be anything like that exists? It’s unbelievably wrong!!! Can you please do something about it?
Hi Gala,

Sorry, we have no way to deal it with you. We could only help you check where it is.
Dear Daisy! Iv contact you custom. They said - they never had my package. And it’s being very weird the parcel being sent from Guangzhou to Foshan and then back to Guangzhou. Actually it’s looks like EMS agent loose or stole my package. It’s expensive nice things. My own stuff. Very dear to me. And I spent lots of time to look for it. I have friends in China- who helping me. They also investigated and we called custom. Customs never had my parcel. And in your tracking system it’s there. Is it some kind of trick to get off responsibilities?
Hi Gala,

Do you send it by yourself? You'd better let your friend help you ask for compensation if it's lost.

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