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Please I need a clarification about my situation. 1 month no news!


I posted my parcel via EMS from China to the Philippines on 10/12, and I always receive the same type of tracking updates: Delivered to the carrier for transportation then Returned, remarks: returned after security check. It happened more than 3 times. I feel like my parcel is stuck in Guangzhou, now it has been a month. Is it a common thing? Is the tracking accurate?
Considering that my item is a 24kg luggage of used personal clothes. No brands and nothing new.
Tracking Number: EB730116593CN
Thank you!!!

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Hi Elias K,

It's normal now. There will be update when it arrives in Philippines. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
广州市, 【广州国际中心】退回,备注:安检退回= returned, remarks: security check returned
In my tracking, I find this more than 4 times. Do you know what is the reason?
Hi Elias K,

It didn't pass the security the check in the past days.

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