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My package is stuck!


I ordered package from Germany to here in China and it seems that the package has the wrong address written on it. Its been stuck at 天津市, 正在报关 since December 25th. The company didn't add my phone number and the address was written in pinyin so the sender must have wrote it wrong. I'm a foreigner living in China so this situation is very hard to deal with. I have my receipt and more then willing to pay the import fee. Please contact me by email as soon as possible and I will provide the tracking number.

Here is the information from the tracking:
2021-12-27 14:59
天津市, 海关通关中
2021-12-26 11:50
天津市, 海关通关中
2021-12-25 14:08
天津市, 海关通关中
2021-12-25 08:47
天津市, 送交进口海关
2021-12-23 15:08
北京市, 送交进口海关
2021-12-11 00:50
法兰克福, 离开境外出口互换局(尚未抵达中国邮政)
2021-12-11 00:50
法兰克福, 离开【法兰克福】处理中心
2021-12-11 00:13
2021-12-10 14:33
德国, 【德国】已收件

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Hi Sepp Liu,

Sorry, we are only a tracking platform. We couldn't help you deal with the package. You need to contact the receiver in China and let the receive cooperate you to pay the fee.

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