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My package is stuck at Beijing for 20 days


Hello guys, please help me out if you track this package by Canada post it says in route to Canada and it says it’s at Beijing and it’s been like that for 20 days and when you track it by China post it says it’s in Shenzhen please help me out is my package lost and which one is the right one the China post one or the Canada post please help me out my tracking number is LO866683735CN

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Hi Ahaiaka,

It's sent by China post when it's in China and will be delivered by Canada Post when it arrives in Canada Post. As there is few flight to Canada now, it's delayed. You need to wait for more days to get update.

Hey hmm ok iii wait more but do u know how many days then it’s gonna ship it’s been stuck there for 30 days now including weekends but without weekends it’s been there for 22 days do u know how long till it arrives
Hi Ahaiaka,

Packages now delay to 1-2 months now. You may wait one more month to get it.

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What is that?

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My package been stuck for 15 days like this.
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Can i get an update on the parcel, is it still being shipped? or is it being held? or something.

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My package with tracking number RE172312368CN got stuck in Beijing. The last available tracking record is dated Dec-31, 2020: "Beijing, leave the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center, the next stop ,Beijing Terminal (transit)". I would highly appreciate it if you find out why the package got stuck (or, possibly, it was lost?). Is there any hope that the package will be delivered?

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