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My parcel Still at bureau Guangzhou for open


Why is my parcel still at "Bureau Guangzhou" for opening ? It's been there since 23rd of October 2016. How long will it be there for and when will I receive it

Thanks please reply ASAP

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What's your tracking number? I think the tracking number is composed of only numbers. If so, it's a China Post Ordinary Small Packet. This kind of packet couldn't be tracked. So, you may couldn't find any update for it after that.
Hi daisy my tracking number is 03880407565 I've tracked it on China post ordinary small packet and it said that it had been exported to bureau Guangzhou and has been there since the 23rd of October I ordered the parcel off Allie express on the 11 of October and tracking hasn't changed please help seller hasn't been helpful
Yes, it's a China Post Ordinary Small Packet. You couldn't track it any more after that because the seller didn't pay for the registration fee. This kind of packet usually needs one or two months to reach. If you couldn't get it within two months or it exceeds your required time, you'd better open a dispute to AliExpress to ask your money back.
Thanks daisy, I will be sure to open a dispute. Are you an admin since you know a lot of info about this situation
Also daisy, I've ordered other things off aliexpress and I have not encountered this problem before why is this happening now ? Is it the seller or ?
Hi Atahia,

I'm just a volunteer of this site. I once sell things on AliExpress and know some knowledge about China Post. Don't worry, it's only one month passed, you'd better wait more days to see if you could receive it. This seller use the cheapest way to sent your things in order to lower the cost. It's understandable.
Do things from Alliexpress always get sent through bureau Guangzhou ? If not why has the parcel been sent there for opening g and what is bureau Guangzhou ?
The seller is in Foshan City of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is the nearest export place of Foshan. So, it was sent there for opening and exporting.

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