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my parcel tracking number CP285548229CN is still awaiting.


The Parcel send from Yushu to USA on August 15, 2016, reached USA post office on November 7, 2016 but could not delivered the address so its return back to China on November 16, 2016. ON November 18, 2016 Export Customs cleared. But since then till now no single information about the package. So could you please tell me what happen with the package? Package Tracking number is CP285548229CN.

Thank you

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The status indicates it arrived in the United States on November 7 and the post office tried several times to deliver it but failed due to the address error. If you have more questions, please dial the China Post customer service hotline 11185 if you are in China and +86 10 11185 if you are outside China. For English service, please press 8 after the call is got through.

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