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My shipment has been there for 100 days



Why this delay? Is it possible for my shipment to be returned to the seller? You have 100 days. It is very difficult to access and communicate with you. Who is responsible for the delay in shipment

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To Whom it May Concern,
Good morning,

I have a shipment that should be sent to Hong Kong in the nearest coming days. The problem is, the shipment took so long. It has been 13 days. I need the shipment to be delivered as soon as possible to the company because of the warranty of the product I bought from them. I wonder if there is any problem happening?

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I'm waiting my shipment from Beijing but It took almost 51 days and I did not receive yet.
Which company or carrier that got my shipment to contact them?
My shipment number is LO715254875CN

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Why is my packav still in pre shipment its been in pre shipment since nov 10 its been in transit for 17 days now tracking number

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