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no update for parcel EB773750463CN


Why is my parcel taking so long to update?
The update is also different from both china post and my local postage company. Which one is correcT?
is my parcel lost? at custom? what happen?

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It's in Kuala Lumpur now. It should be delivered to you recently by Pos Malaysia.

Number: EB773750463CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Malaysia
2022-11-01 21:42 Kuala Lumpur, arrive at the destination
2022-10-09 16:50 Aircraft entering the port
2022-10-08 12:40 Airlines depart
2022-10-08 06:05 Airlines receive
2022-10-07 06:01 Guangzhou City, leave [Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau], next stop【Guangzhou International Exchange Station】
2022-10-07 06:01 Guangzhou City, Arrival at Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau
2022-10-07 05:18 Guangzhou City, [Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau] has been exported and sealed
2022-10-07 00:06 Guangzhou City, leave [Provincial International Dongshan Sales Office], next stop【Guangzhou International】
2022-10-06 23:50 Guangzhou City, [Provincial International Dongshan Sales Department] has been received
Dear Concerned, two of my parcels accordingly EB775468017CN & EB775077033CN retained at Customs for inspection for long. Could you please inform me the reason for this delay and what is the possible solution? I need an update please. I have been waiting for the parcels for long enough.

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