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Package received


Yes I received a clean up sofa Cloud made with magnets pad in the mail today I have no idea why or but this is trying to figure out why this was sent to me and you have my phone number address and everything on the outside of the package.

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I got a pool toy
This is called brushing and seems to be occurring regularly in Canada and the USA (possibly other countries as well). Brushing is technically illegal in China.

A seller acquires the actually name and address of a real e-commerce user and creates a fake account for them on the platform they’re selling on. They then make what appears to be an order of their product from the victim’s fake account, ship out a package that is either empty or contains a low-value, light weight item, and then, after the delivery has been confirmed, leaves a 5-star review to boost their rankings and attract more sales. To the platform and other users, these faux reviews appear to be from legitimate and verified sales. Beyond the benefit of favorable reviews, simply having additional sales is often enough to raise a product in the rankings of some e-commerce sites, such as Amazon.

However, some have warned that there may be hidden dangers lurking within brushing schemes. As MarketWatch reported:

“… being a victim of a “brushing” scam could also indicate something more nefarious. “It can be indicative of some kind of breach of confidentiality or data security,” Kilcourse said. “It’s a low-grade scam, with some pretty potentially serious data privacy considerations.””
Same white box with bracelet. Didnt order it. And it not magnetic
Hi Grannyglock,
This is why do you receive it:
I received a Cleaning Up SofaCloudMadewithmagnets today (30 June 2020). It is round, about 11cm (4½ins) in diameter, and made of green plastic. It came in a cardboard box. I'm sure I did not order it and have no idea what its used for. Can someone help please
I received one too, was a scam to get the tracking to show up as delivered. I disputed a payment on items I never received and this came and the payment came back out for $167.... was 3 months after my original purchase of bow flex adjustable hand weights off an instagram ad. Still fighting it with the cc company.
Just received the small white box from China after ordering a set of adjustable weights from a Facebook advertisement in May!!
I received a package and I googled the address and found this site. This is the second package that I received. I got something last year in 2019 and now just got something with magnets....a sofacloudmade with magnets? I also too believe in my higher power and pray for world peace in happiness in my life and for the rest of the world. I have no idea what is going on but thought I should share...
I just received a bracelet from China post office , recently ordered a trac hoe, thought it was strange it was only 119. Never got it .. calmed back they gave back money and now are investigating the scam ..
My boyfriend received a small package I text him told him his order was here. He said he hadn't ordered anything for long time. I opened it found a red box with a little bracelet it came from China. I thought back he seen an ad for 10 piece dwalt tools for $99. Thieves took his money but never gave him tools instead a cheap bracelet
I got the same thing everyone else did. I order some sunglasses from dhgate awhile ago. Possibly were they got my info.. I'm not sure I was charged for anything else. I didn't get charged for the glasses $48. And another pair for $10.. I'm definitely getting a new cc # .. I suggest everyone else does the same..
Ordered a drift bike for $99 and got a cheap bracelet instead. From Han Jie
36-3-19, Majiapu West Road
Fengtaldistrict beijingshi Beijing 100068
I too received this cheap item after ordering a raised garden bed. I did not get the raised garden. What can be done about this and getting our money back? I had the bank do a fraud investigation but because there is a tracking number that shows sent and delivered they can't do anything about it.
The reason you are receiving this is because it is a scam. You probably ordered something more expensive and you will never receive it.
I also received crap from Han Jie. I had ordered cast iron frying pans, but I received a $2.00 nail clipper set, which I didn't order received from Han Jie, Zhongtian Cheng Xun, 36-3-19, Majiabao West Road, Fengtai District, BeiJingShi Beijing, 100069. This is the second time I have received something that I didn't order. Realized after I hit the order button that it was the same company. I should have stopped payment when I realized that it was the same company. What do you want me to do with this stuff that you sent me, that I didn't order or want.
I also received this bracelet. And like others, the common denominator is the bowflex adjustable dumbells.. like others who commonly ordered the dewalt item. This confirmed delivery is most likely the scammer trying to provide proof to the credit card companies that the buyer’s purchase was in fact delivered.
Thank you to all those who took the time to answer the original post and send info. I, like some of the others, answered a Facebook ad for a product I never received. Luckily, I paid with PayPal, so was able to get the charge reversed. I will be more careful in future.
My father too has received a parcel from Yu Hong Feng, first floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong China with a phone number of 8613516666666. It was a winter jacket and ironically, we live in Malaysia where it's humid all year round. He never ordered anything off the internet lately, so where the heck did this parcel come from?
I noticed the jacket and its packaging is pretty dusty.
Today I received the fork and spoon with "happy everyday" and "smile" on the orange box, also not something ordered. Also from Wuhan. Address says "Langxuazhi Lanyan logistics park, Gutian, second road, changfeng north road, qiaoku district. phone 44.201.305 As I am somebody who is active politically and there are rabid right wing groups doing terrible things here, now, I am going to take this up with the authorities.
I too got a orange beaded bracelet in a red box. I didn't order it. Looks like a child's toy. I hope it's not a voodoo.
I believe I got this bracelet because I ordered a silicone doll and it was priced for 39. 99 and 10$ s&h. So I'm not getting the doll. Shame on these people hope karma get me back in the worse way. Money don't grow on trees.
I received a white box with a white and red bracelet today as well. Can someone explain or help?
I ordered a scam bow flex weight set and never received. All of us received this probably because we been scammed and have a dispute with the credit card company.
Hello I received a package from YuHongFeng,first floo of YnbuEurodan Unerwear Factory in Nanhai, FOSHAN,GUANGDON G528000 CHINA PHONE 8613516666666
delivered to my address and to my name
Yeah, I got the white box with a crappy bracelet in it. After reading these posts I went through my bank statement from 4 months ago and found a charge on it for $128 from Gluta Girl. I know for sure I never purchased anything from that merchant and when I googled them their site didn't exist. So the take away is if you get this in the mail, the chances your credit card information was stolen is pretty high. Basically the scammers get around being flagged by sending you a product, as shitty as it is, it's still a product so the bank will see it as legitimate.
Like a few folks on here I have received a white box with bracelet, (a sofa cloud made with magnets) where and how they get my info to send me something I did not order? I'm worried about my info now
I also received the package with the bracelet today. More concerned with it coming from China, is it contaminated? Is it intentionally contaminated?? I stuck it in a Ziploc bag and threw it out. Can't take chances. Can you?
Yo fuck off, who is Mai Shu Lang and where did he get my info??? My name is too unique, like many others I received a package for “sofa magnets” I didn’t order and it had a fork and spoon
who is Mai Shu Lang and where did he get my info??? My name is too unique, like many others I received a package for “sofa magnets” I didn’t order and it had a fork and spoon. Why do you have my address? Please do not send me garbage thanks
I also received a statement package today with a weird cheap spoon and fork from the same company as all of the above.

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