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Package received


Yes I received a clean up sofa Cloud made with magnets pad in the mail today I have no idea why or but this is trying to figure out why this was sent to me and you have my phone number address and everything on the outside of the package.

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my husband ordered a dumbell set since he couldn't go to the gym due to carona.
the order was placed months ago, but by the looks of it, we received this same ugly cheap bracelet in a pink box.
reporting this now to our bank to fight the charges.
I also received the bracelet, I was reading the other comments and also purchased a 20V dewalt set for $99, same as a user named Shawn did in the comments.
Hello just like (Elena) and (Samantha) I also received a package from you in a box with a bracelet (hand catenary sofa cloud made with magnets)
Which I also never ordered. Can you explain?
i also have received packages 1st one with bracelet 2nd one set of cheap fork and spoon maybe for kids. I think what I heard was we bought something didn't get our item. but the retail place is using it to give them self reviews.
I also received the same as previously marked inquiries. What has everyone done? Tossed, kept, worn???
I also received a package from China. A small white box with a cheap purple plastic bracelet. Sender: Han Jie 36-3-19 Majiapu West rd FenGtaidistrict beijingshi Beijing 100068 Beijing China
Would like to know what is up with this package that I never ordered?
Look at the tracking number on the bottom of the label. You most likely purchased something from one of your social media feeds, as I did. I ordered the Bowflex Dumb Bell and Bench set. I disputed the charge months ago (April '20) because I never received any kind of order confirmation or tracking ID. PayPal awarded me a full refund even after I got a chincy email from the sender's "Customer Care". I eventually located a tracking number, but the product had been stuck in Shenyang City for more than two weeks. Last status was 5/13 and then all of the sudden on 7/17 it arrived in New York. Not my Bowflex Dumb Bells and Bench, but a "chincy" purple bracelet in a battered white box. Thank you PayPal!!!
I Have received a package From china of sofá cloud Made with magnet fray i dont órdered but i got today
I received the same blue bracket in the mail. I ordered a Nintendo switch online for i never received
I received shoes from that address that I never ordered. Did anyone figure out where the charge is coming from?
OK I also got the same package in the mail from China post Han Jie 36-3-19 Majlapu West Road Fengtaidlsteict beijingshi BEIJING BEIJING 1000068 CHINa
I received a gold ring that was not ordered , as many other people have . Stop scamming !!! Where is my proper order that has not been delivered
i also recieved a product from thesee guys and see a little suspicious as i never ordered it why did thay do this
I ordered the adjustable weights and received a package from China I did not order, it was a green resistance band. Then a few days ago I received another package, a small red box with a bracelet in it like most of the other commenters.
I still haven't gotten my 90lb adjustable dumbbells !!!
I emailed the people I bought it from and they said itll take 6 to 8 weeks, I ordered and paid in March! By the time the weights and home gym show up I dont know if Im going to want them anymore(probably in 2021)
I also bought a specail home gym pull system capable of 300lbs of resistance on the pulley system. I ordered that in March as well, still haven't received it
I ordered 2 Jaguar XJL car covers but I only received 1 where is my other car cover my address is 4178 Duck Creek Dr apt 105 Garland TX 75043
Han Jie, Zhongtian Cheng Xun,
36-3-19 Majiabao West Road,
Fengtai District Beijing CHINA

This Chinese page is from scammers. They send the product that is not, then they ask to return the product and do not respond for the refund of the money.
I ordered a 12" touch screen car radio and 2 months later I received a small package with a electric toothbrush inside. I reached out to them in a email and they gave 2 options. Get back 60% and keep what I got, or send it back ($80) and they'll send back the right item. So a $30 item became $110. I'll let pay pal handle it
I ordered back in April an I was wondering where my order is? UU072556800CN is my order number.
The item I ordered in China has tracking number AQ522586498CN and it says delivered on Aug 17th? but I've never received it. I wonder if your tracking system has inconsistency.
I'm waiting on a delivery from China post (AQ522640052CN) and tracking software is stating that the item has been successfully delivered. How do I find out where was the package delivered to?

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