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Package sent to wrong address.


Tracking number is LV706544058CN

Parcel sent via China Post went to the wrong address and its currently stating that its held up in a post office in another state.

My name is Mehmet Erol.
Postal address- 204 Cumberland Rd Auburn, NSW, 2144, AUSTRALIA.
PHONE number- +61 0421 691 692

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Hi Mehmet Erol,

You need to contact the seller to confirm if the tracking number is right. The seller may give you a tracking number of another customer. If the number is right, he may filled the address by mistake. If all are right, there is a chance that your local courier sent it to a wrong address by mistake. You need to contact Australia Post who delivered it in your country to reflect the problem and check it for you as soon as possible. If the package couldn't be found, you have the right to ask for refund or require to send one again to you from the seller.

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