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Wrong Address


My package number is LM258485144CN and has arrive to Portugal, but the sender seller put a wrong address, can you send a message to my post office with the correct address, in order to not return to China?
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Sorry, we couldn't do it for you. Only you or the seller can do this. CTT is in charge of delivering the package to you. You'd better try to contact them to change the address.
Thank you for the answer. The ctt reported that if according to the rules only the seller can do this through the local postal services. I have already explained this process to the seller but still can not understand that they have entered the wrong address and the order will be returned to the sender.I thought that you could help me if I give the full and correct address
Best Regards
Sorry, we couldn't do that. We are only a free tracking platform for packages. The seller may made the address wrongly because of large amount of orders. You can require the seller refund you or send one again to you.

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