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Package stuck at local post office and customs


I have 2 packages:
EZ006433163SG - Package held in Changsha Customs due to taxes not paid. How to contact and make payment so it can be released to the receiver?

EZ006433194SG - Package is received in Hangzhou City Mail Office and not delivered to the exact address I wrote. How to get them to contact the receiver to arrange delivery?

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Hi ileane,

EZ006433163SG is waiting for the receiver in China to pay the tax to the customs now. You need to contact the receiver in China to ask if he has received the notice from the customs. If no, let him check through authorized tax collection system ( to check and pay.
Hi ileane,

EZ006433194SG was delivered on Feb. 10. If the receiver doesn't receive it, he needs to contact the postman's phone number19906757199 to ask where it is now and pick it up. Or, call China Post service number 11185 to require them deliver to the right address.

Number: EZ006433194SG
Package status: Delivered (10 Days)
Country: Singapore -> China
2023-02-10 15:33 Hangzhou City, Signed, Mail Office, Courier: Zhang Kai, Phone: 19906757199
2023-02-10 12:04 Hangzhou City, [Jiande City Yangxi First Investment Department] arrange delivery, delivery clerk: Zhang Kai, telephone: 19906757199, investment department telephone: 15356686065
2023-02-10 12:04 Hangzhou City, Arrive at [Jiande Yangxi First Investment Department]
2023-02-08 12:26 Hangzhou City, leave [Hangzhou Kanshan Package Workshop], the next stop [Jiande Yilong Fourth Investment Department] (transferred)
2023-02-08 10:22 Hangzhou City, import customs clearance
2023-02-07 13:23 Hangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2023-02-07 08:35 Hangzhou City, Arrive at [Hangzhou International Exchange Bureau] (via transfer)
2023-02-07 05:17 Shanghai, leave [Shanghai International Exchange Bureau], next stop [Hangzhou International Exchange Bureau] (via transfer)
2023-02-07 01:11 Shanghai, Arrive at [Shanghai International Exchange Bureau] (via transfer)
2023-02-01 18:23 Singapore, Leaving the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2023-02-01 15:56 Singapore, arrived at the Overseas Export Exchange Office
2023-02-01 15:46 Singapore, [Singapore] received

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