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Package stuck in Guangzhou China


I sent some returns from the USA to Dongguan City in February and March. I have been checking on the tacking and it says that they have been held at customs since April 4, 2022 Tracking number LH164477087US AND CH158828425US. Could you help me on what to do.
Please and Thank you!

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My package send with e-Packet got stuck on very weird status " leave the Guangzhou International Exchange Station, the next stop Guangzhou International Center" normally package takes only a day to get from one place to other in Guangzhou but now my package is stuck for a week and didn't even left China yet.
How is it possible? Did it got lost?

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tracking #: EV999232308CN
My package has been stuck with the status of
Guangzhou City, leaving the Guangzhou Aviation Center, the next stop of the Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
since Oct 16... Just wondering what's happening?
Thank you

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I ordered something over two months ago. It got stuck at Guangzhou for a long time.
Then my order has left Guangzhou April 27 and for some reason returned to Guangzhou on May 7 and has been since then stuck there. What has happened? Is it lost?? RV376620121CN

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