Packages Stuck on “ export customs / retention to be verified”

Asked by nrhman | 9/18/2020 1:12:59 AM

Hello, I have noticed that many people have their packages stuck on “Guangzhou City, export customs / retention to be verified” since August 28th 09:52. Can you please check what is going on? I have contacted shipper and they said that they do not have any information from EMS. I know of many people who have complained about the same status from the exact same date. It has been almost a month and still has not left customs. That should not be happening when people pay extra for quick shipping and are waiting for important packages.

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Daisy 9/20/2020 6:39:11 PM

Hi nrhman,

You'd better contact the receipient to ask if he has received any notice from the customs. He may need to declare to the customs.

nrhman 9/21/2020 12:02:10 AM

Both the recipient and shipper have not received any notice from customs or EMS. There are many packages stuck on this status. My family is sending me my clothes for school from my home without brand logos so it should be passing customs no problem. There is no reason it should be taking this long. Some of those clothes are not replaceable since they are from when I was a kid. Please ask EMS what is happening with these “retention to be verified packages” from 8/28/2020.

Daisy 9/22/2020 8:26:01 PM

Hi nrhman,

You need to let the receipient in China contact the customs by calling 12360 to check it.

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