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Parcel CN009300529ZA


Hi Daisy,
I've sent a couple of parcels to my daughter in the past and I've always used the Postal Office. Normally I can trace it from my town until it reaches my daughter. So there is no doubt in my mind that it normally can be traced.
My question is still the same: since Parcel CN009300529ZA left Durban, it hasn't been scanned again. It was during the time that the virus was announced. I was patient for two months, because I knew there would be a backlog. But now I want to know where the parcel is, because I've spent a lot of money on the stuff in the parcel.
Is the China postal services still handling a backlog or are they on time?
The parcel was with China post the last time it was scanned. Where is it now??!

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Hi MFourie,

What's the city your daughter lives in China?
Hi MFourie,

There is no information showing it's in China now. You need to contact South Africa Post to give you a solution about this.
Dear Daisy,
I went to the South African Post Office today and they can't trace the parcel at all.
They are telling me that on the 20th of January 2020 12h42 it was handed over to China post in Durban. It went through Exchange, was accepted from sender and was sent abroad - by China Post office: 20 January 2020 13h44.
I need this parcel to be traced in the China Postal services, from where they have received it in Durban.
I can't contact someone in the China Post Office and I cannot speak Mandarin.
Will someone please help?!!
Hi MFourie,

If you contact China Post directly, they will give you the same answer that it's not in their hand.

2020-01-20 13:44, Durban, leaving the Overseas Export Swap Office (not yet arriving at China Post)

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