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Parcel issue


This is my parcel number and it is stuck in Beijing for last around 10 days. Can you please let me know when it will arrive to Xian . EB015572013PK

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My parcel is getting rejected at security checkpoints, Its been circling around beijing like this for weeks now. My parcel doesn’t have any that concerns security issue, its just a computer chip converter. Doesn’t have a battery or anything like that to get hold by customs. And now its stuck in one of beijins processing center. Please check on my parcel and fix the issue as soon as possible.
Tracking no. RV492956192CN

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My parcel EK907418839GB - seems to be stuck at customs, I am sending to China for first time, and I am first time returning an international item, can you please let me know who I can contact and how I can fix this issue please. I am really overwhelmed with this issue and paid too much for this parcel, please help :(
I also tried to call you from +861011185 and +861011183, but cannot reach, - it says his pone number can not be reached atm.

Parcel is being sent back? (0 reply)

I have an Issue with my parcel (LV787950252CN). It seems like it didn't clear customs and is now on its way back to china.

Is it possible to fix the parcel and not ship it back to china? Maybe there's just an issue with my adress or something similar

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