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Parcel still at Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou


Why is my parcel still at Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou since Oct 18, 2015 15:07 with a status of "has been exported to open"
Its been sitting there for more than a month already..
please help
Tracking No.: 44949903408
Check Code
Date/Time Location/Status
Sun, Oct 18, 2015 15:07 [Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou] has been exported to open

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hi there I have the same issue could someone help my tracking number is RX896257325CN its still in the Guangzhou Interchange Bureau could someone please get back to me its been there since 18/01/2019
Hi nenny98,

Sometimes, the tracking information stops doesn't mean it doesn't move. If you couldn't receive before Feb. 15, better contact the sender to give you a solution.
Trac no RV802284298CN. What is the latest statu of my parsel
Hi mtarslan,

Tracking information stops updating after March 2. It should have left China now.
My parcel hasn't been updated since January 21st 2019 and every email I send out to try to get some information has been answered with the same line of "please be patient bla bla bla". What is going on with my item?
Tracking number is UI086693329CN
Hi surenot,

If you couldn't get it before March 21, better contact the sender to give you a solution. This package couldn't be tracked after leaving some stations of China.
I have a package with tracking # LT421144292CN, that has not been moving since 3/14 the last update was this one:

2019-03-14 23:43
Arrive at China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Fuzhou International mail Exchange Station Processing center
Hi rodolfo,

It should have left China on March 14 and on the way to the US now. There will be further update when it arrives in the US.
hello, my package with tracking # LT421144292CN, is still not moving, this is the last update why does the airline take so long to bring this package to the US

2019-03-14 23:47:19
handed over to airline, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Hi Hi rodolfo,

It usually takes about 15-25 days to reach. Wait patiently.
Tracking number: RV823772469CN
I placed an order on 04 March 2019. The latest tracking update was on 07 March 2019.
Since then 23 days have past without single update. Is my package lost? Will I ever receive it? 25 days have passed in total and I am starting to fear that I am not going to receive the package.
Hi Manolis Minadakis,

I suggest you wait for one more week to see.
The cargo has been in the same place for 20 days. no movement. I wonder why.
Please help me with this.

2019/03/08 17:00:07 izni [ Pekin Uluslararası Gönderi ], bir sonraki durak dağıtım [Pekin] (transit)
2019-03-10 08:43:01 [ Guangzhou Kavşağı ] ' na geldi
10:38:03 [ Guangzhou Interchange Bureau ] ' dan ayrıldı , bir sonraki durak [Guangzhou]

Hi muratoz,

The delivery of this package was failed on Feb. 13. Then it was on the return way back to the sender on Feb. 25. It has left China and on the way to Turkey now.
why is my parcel not leaving China in more than 2 weeks. Please advise

thank you
The last update was from the 18th, does it mean it's left the country?

2019-04-18 19:42
Leave the "Guangzhou Swap Bureau" and the next stop, "Spike International Mail" (via transfer)
Hi Kaiel,

It doesn't mean it left China on April 18. It may leave China in the next few days.
Thanks Daisy!
Ordered a package on the 21st of March 2019 and I'm having the same issue with mine. My tracking number is UI194742642CN. Just keeps saying it's at Guangzhou Interchange Bureau.
Hi Megan Shaw,

If you couldn't get it before May 23, you'd better contact the seller to give you a solution.
want to verify package, two separate tracking was given. one has been delivered to another address and the other is on its way. Just watching for a scam, paypal was already alerted and the seller notified, but no response from the seller. Tracking UI359385936CN
Hi there, could i please get some help with Tracking number RV925256151CN. Latest update says: "2019-06-01 09:34:03 [Guangzhou Exchange Station] returned"
Is this a bad thing and it's getting sent back to sender?
Thanks for any help
Hi Razzmanthegreat,

Not sure at present. It may be checked again for exportation. Wait for the next days to see.




Could anyone please help me?
Hi Minke,

Tracking doesn't update after June 26. It may have left China and on the way to Korea now. Wait and see.
Could I get package details on my shipping?
Hi Ron,

It's sent on July 11 and in transit in China now:

2019-07-11 17:59
Arrival at Guangzhou Swap Bureau (via transfer)

2019-07-11 15:34
Leave Dongguan International, next stop , Spike Swap Bureau

2019-07-11 13:09
Dongguan International has been exported directly sealed

2019-07-11 11:21
Arriving at Dongguan International

2019-07-11 11:18
Leave the back office support class of the parcel express bulk business department, the next stop , Dongguan International

2019-07-11 11:03
Parcel Express Bulk Sales Department Backoffice Support Class has received
Can you tell me where my package is? It has been stuck for more then 3 weeks now at Guangzhou.
Hi Chris,

China Post doesn't provide tracking information for them after July 15. They should be in transit now. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution if you couldn't receive them within 50 days.
Hello! My tracking number is: RV124738694CN ,my package is in Guangzhou, leaving the Guangzhou Swap Bureau for 10 days... what is happening? Can you please track my order? thanks!

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