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Parcel stuck at customs


CO980402053RO This parcel that i returned to the seller has been in Shenzen, in the proces of customs clearance since august 31th... How long will it take to reach the recipient?

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Hi Rob,

The customs should have sent a notice to the recipient to delcare. If the receiver doesn't do it, it will not be released.

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Please inform me why my parcel with tracking number RE899374175GR is stuck in customs. My parcel is stuck from 25 February 2022. How long and i have to wait to deliver my parcel to the final destination? if you do not intend to deliver my parcel why do not you return it to me?

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Hello, I have a parcel that was sent from china to Australia but parcel has been stuck at customs for a month now. I have emailed my local customs and provided them my tracking but i am told that they do not have the parcel. Could you please help with this issue? The item purchased are not illegal and it does not cost over 1000 aud so its not subject to any tax/duty.

Tracking is LV691025598CN

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Hello, my parcel UU372911101CN is stucked at customs even if I've paid customs fees and the sender doesn't respond to my emails and I don't have any other way to contact him. Do you have any visibility on why is my parcel stuck? Thank you

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