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I received a package containing a what I presume to be a fake Gucci Scart from CenJiaYu, First floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin, CHANCHENG, FOSHAN, GUANGDONG, 528000, CHINA, phone: 8613516666666.
I did not order this and I hope I haven't paid for it.

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You need to contact the seller to give you a solution about it. But to my experience, it's a scam.
I also had a "dior" scarf delivered from the same address, and did not order it... any information on something like this?
I received a Gucci scarf also. I ordered boots. Mine also had a sales slip stated the scarf was 3825 Chinese dollars 480.oo American dollars. Big time scam. I called my cc company and got a refund.
How do u contact the seller? Also bouth boots but got a cucci scarf..
I just received Christian Dior scarf that I did not order with an invoice of 4500.00.
Tried calling the phone number on the package, get a male that does not speak english. Was anyone actually charged for this bullshit?

Thank you!
Just received a Dior scarf that I did NOT order with an invoice of 4500.00. I called the number on the package and a male that does not speak English answered. Was anyone actually billed for this scam? Was it easy to get money back? I am furious.

Thank you!
Patti, the same thing happened to me; I had ordered Ariat work boots from what turned out to be a fake website, and then received the “Dior scarf” in the mail. I only knew the two were related by Googling. Alerted the credit card/debit card company, just in case an effort was made to charge those 4500 Hong Kong dollars to my account (Hong Kong dollars are worth about 13 US cents each.) If anyone at China Post wants the return address in Guangzhou, I’ve taken a picture of the envelope, and will be happy to send it to you.
Hello, I have also order “western” boots from the fake ARIAT outlet, I received what I also presume to be fake, a HERMÈS company cashmere, scarf. The sales memo slip is at 4, 050, 00 HKD which is about $500 usd, I hope no one was charged for this. Alerting my bank now.
Purchased from a fake northface website, shut down cc next day, no charges were assessed. I have now, one to two months later received this Hermes scarf in the mail. I know I haven't been charged but what do I do with this thing now.
Sono furiosa, ho ricevuto ora una sciarpa fasulla di Dior che non ho ordinato. Mi rivolsero' a un avvocato perché non intendo pagare una cifra simile. Chiamerò anche la mia bancca
poichè ho ricevuto questo ordine non effettuato, come mi devo comportare, a chi rispedire che non si capisce nulla
Grazie per la risosta
Cosetta Baldassarri
Hey, I also received a Dior scarft that I didn’t order. How can I stop this? How do they know my info? Any ideas?
Hola compre dos muñecas kasimeritos para Reyes para mis niñas y e recibido un pañuelo..como puedo hacer para recuperar mi dinero..m parece de muy poca vergüenza engañar ala gente asin ..y jugar con sentimientos gracias
He comprado unos zapatos y recibi una bufanda que no ordené. Co o puedo hacer para recuperar mi dinero.
He comprado unos zapatos y he recibido una bufanda "Dior" que no he ordenado. Como puedo hacer para recuperar mi dinero?
I just got the scarf also, but had already known my credit card was scammed and already have a replacement. Big question is...are the scarfs real? Lol
I just got the scarf also, but had already known my credit card was scammed and already have a replacement. Big question is...are the scarfs real? Lol
I also order running shoes in November and received a scarf of Dior that I did not order. Moreover they deducted on my credit card more than the double of the amount announced for the running shoes
Hello I also have had a scarf delivered today. This was paid by paypal do I need to contact them?
On Thanksgiving I ordered from an Ariat Outlet online store. My payment declined because my bank account was suddenly negative. I checked the bank and somehow, the instant that I submitted payment for the Ariat boots, they secretly charged numerous other charges instead. Very quickly. Drained my bank account. I was disappointed about the boots and being suddenly broke but I called my bank to dispute the sudden unrecognized charges that were preventing me from ordering my boots. I didn’t realize they were related until I came to this website and saw similar claims.
Today I received a package from China with the same Dior scarf others are claiming. An invoice of $4,850.00 HKD was attached. I’m glad I found this site to know what it is from. Back when I called my bank they shut down the card. Luckily since the dispute refund takes a couple days I was too broke to continue trying to order the boots. Since that card was closed I highly doubt this Dior scarf invoice is a threat. It’s just the consolation prize from the boots purchase from their Ariat Outlet scam site.

If you didn’t already dispute some type of charge recently, check your statements for ANY unknown charges, not just the dollar amount you see on the invoice. I think that’s how they get people to overlook it. You’ll be expecting an order that you believed was real. You spent a couple hundred on something you wanted and you don’t dispute it because you’re waiting on that item. You receive the scarf so that they can give a tracking number to your bank if you attempt to dispute it later. Some people will never put two and two together. You’ll wonder where your item is. You’ll check the statement for this $4,000 item, see that you were never charged and move on. Meanwhile you are still expecting your other item from that other site and you don’t realize they’re connected.
Scammers get better everyday... smh.
Même problème pour moi, mais le faux site se nomme cosson-aquatique,. j'ai reçu une casquette Balenciaga à 12 £ alors que j'avais commandé des chaussures Pataugas pour 67 £ frais de port et de change compris.
La même adresse figure sur le colis au nom de Cen Zhijun et même n° de tél.

Parcel arrived destination airport on 14th August. Which airport is this and when will it arrive in Uk
Just received 2 suzhichou scarfs, I did not order. Where did they come from an online seller. Has anyone else received these?

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