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Asked by ratio1618 | 2/19/2020 1:57:17 PM

Hey there.

Last week on the 12th of February i made an order and they gave me a NLpost tracking number. LX939136321NL

After 5 working days my tracking number still shows on 17track and NLposts website as not recognized or not processed yet.

When i bring this up with my vendor she is saying that it is because of delays in Shenzhen (the package went from Qingdao to Shenzhen)

A friend of mine who had their order from the same company had their tracking number activated in late January after 5 working days where it was updated with "Item is at shippers warehouse" I was informed by my friend who ordered the same thing from the same vendor using the same shipping method that China Post actually takes it to Netherlands and then NLpost takes to my country.

If after 5 days my order isn't even at the shippers warehouse in Shenzhen where could it possibly be?

My post is destined to end up in New Zealand and is going through NLpost in the Netherlands and im going crazy not knowing what is happening with my package or having a tracking number to check for status updates.

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Daisy 2/19/2020 6:54:24 PM

Hi ratio1618,

Due to the coronavirus, the delivery was delayed for some days. So, the number will not be activated after 5 working days as before. You need to contact the vendor to confirm when the tracking will be available.

ratio1618 2/19/2020 9:27:56 PM

I was told by the vendors on Alibaba the package was going to be scanned today? Is this not the case?

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