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Registered package to dispatched from Ireland to China


My package was sent to China by registered post on 24 August 2016. I was issued a tracking number and know the package left Ireland on 24/8/2016 but tracking of package in China is not shown. If I give you the name and address and tracking number is it possible to get information on what happened to the package? Thank you.

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Yes, you should tell me the tracking number in order for me to track its shippment information for you. You can also track by using the tracking tool by yourself.

In most cases, when the package leaves Ireland and on the way to China, it couldn't be tracked. After it arrived in China, there will be information shown in the tracking result.
Thanks for your assistance Fiona.

The tracking number is RL 612 827 033 IE.

As its coming up to 2 weeks since the package left Ireland, should this not have reached China by now? When will the tracking information be shown on your website and Do you know how many more days it will take before it is delivered?

It left Dublin on August 24. In most cases, it needs about 20 days to deliver a package from Ireland to China. Sometimes, it may needs a longer time. I'll help you to follow the tracking information and once there is any update, I'll let you know by replying the post here.
RL 612 827 033 IE.

Further to my emails regarding the above. Please note the above package Recipient's telephone contact details (not mentioned on the package) are as follows:

+86 13869806339 and 18953233976

Hope this helps
Hi Marlen,

The addressee has got it successfully on Sep. 18.

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