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Returned parcel??


Hi there, would like to check on the below, thanks.
1) why was my parcel returned?
2) where would it be returned to?
3) would it be shipped to me?
郑州市, 【郑州交换站】退回

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Hi JM,

The reason for it to be returned back is not clearly shown in tracking result. You need to contact the seller to check it for you.

According to the latest tracking information, it will be returned back. You need to track it in the following days to see if it will be returned to the seller or sent again. If it's returned back to the seller, contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
Thanks Daisy! appreciate your advise =)
LA111570434CN why is my package going back to Shanghai(Shanghai exchange station) return. What is the meaning of this?
Hi giggles,

It didn't pass the security check and will be checked again in the following days.

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