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We mysteriously got a package in the mall of a Hermès silk scarf. We didn’t order one. It’s in my boyfriends name and it apparently costs 4,000$. It says it was ordered 10/25 but there’s no activity on our card from then.

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I've received a scarf from a place called Hermes that I didnt order. It says it was placed on 10/25/19, and that it costs 4,050 HKD. It has remarks for
CU9559980 1201976819449
I don't even recognize the company, much less would I spend $500 USD on an scarf. Can anyone help me? I saw that another person posted the same thing with the same dates.
I just received a Hermes scarf in the mail with the receipt showing it was on 10/25/2019. Same CU number and everything. Never ordered one and my accounts reflect that. Weird...
Hi Shauntel,

This may be the reason why you received it:
Exactly! The same has appened to me, 4.005 Hong Kong dollars and I'm afraid. But there is no charge on my credit cards at the moment. I'm not willing to do an international call that I would not understand. I think to go to the police.
I got a scarf today to I never ordered from China
I just received a Hermes scarf today with the same order date of 10/25/19 hope it's not laced with a new form of covid

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