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Please I want send my package(5kg) Wuhan from Gabon. I want your address and prices of send in air, boat.

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Who is the receiver in Wuhan?
I live in wuhan. I want send packages(10kg) to my country Gabon(central Africa ). I want know if you do it. If yes? I need your address in wuhan. Thank you
Yes, China Post could deliver it for you it the item is not in their forbidden list. In Wuhan, there are many post offices. You can go to the one in the city center to send it.

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Just send my packages already. They have been sitting for almost 2 months now. There is no reason for these packages to have to sit for so long but my other package I ordered at the same time has already made it to me. Any virus that may have been on them is long gone by now but you having them sit where other packages can contaminate them further is not the smartest thing. They could be quarantined while they were being shipped. Keeping them in one spot is not going to make a difference. Send my damn packages to me. I spent way to much money for me to have to wait this long for my shit. Send my packages. I will just go about getting ahold of whoever with my lawyer if my packages are not sent and sent off soon.

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I did send two packages from China to Sweden. I did send 4 packages in total and 2 have been received. The 2 that has not been delivered are:
CP405187970CN and CP405188649CN.
For some reason has the digital adress not been written correct and I have therefore not received any notice about the packages.
Today did the Swedish postoffice inform me that the packages are sent back to China.
Please resend the packages to me with the correct digital adress.
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I understand that the virus pandemic has slowed down the sending of packages, but you must also understand the people who are waiting for the packages. I paid for packages RE046314969CN,RE042929423CN .Tell me when the packages arrive at the customs of the state of Serbia. Give me a guarantee that you will send me these packages, because the delivery time on Aliexpress expires in a few days, so in that case I would have to initiate a dispute to request a refund. As you know it doesn’t suit me because I would have to give much, much more money for the same items again. I have been waiting for the packages for more than three months, they are still with you. China Post you are a serious company, give me a guarantee that you will send all these packages so that I can inform the sellers on Aliexpress that the sale will be with your guarantee. I understand that postage increased in May 2020, but that is not my concern. I paid the amount for the goods on AliExpress in March and April which was indicated. Buying and selling must be done. Let me know as soon as possible about all these packages. Thank you for your understanding!

send packages (3 replies)
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