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Sent a parcel to Dresslily

Asked by Jillian | 8/2/2018 11:05:01 PM

I sent a parcel from Australia to Dresslily. They are telling me that they have not received it. Tracking no from Australia LK965726318AU sent on 18/5 and it states arrived at GUANGZHOU on 24/5. They are telling me that they have not received it. Can I confirm that it has been delivered to them. Thank You

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Daisy 8/3/2018 1:38:43 AM

Hi Jillian,

It has been nearly three months. China Post doesn't deliver it to Dresslily. Tracking information shows it was at the customs on May 28 and no more information after that. So, it may be stuck there. You'd better let Dresslily call China Post service number 11183 (then 8 for English service) to ask how to get it.

Tracking information:
2018-05-28 23:01 Shenzhen, send to Customs
2018-05-21 10:36 Australia, leave the processing center and send to Cncncany
2018-05-18 11:19 Receive and send

Jillian 8/3/2018 3:01:55 PM

Thank you so much for your detailed response. Is there an email to contact to follow this up with Customs. I paid a lot of money for the product and then to return it, so I am anxious that it is stuck in customs. Thank You.

Daisy 8/3/2018 4:22:38 PM

Sorry, there is no email for China Post or the customs. You can only call them. You'd better make the call with the help of a Chinese friend in China as English service is sometimes hard to get connected.

Jillian 8/3/2018 4:25:41 PM

Once again thank you for your prompt reply. I will be visiting China in a few weeks for the first time and looking forward to meeting lovely people like yourself. Thank you again for your help in this matter.

Daisy 8/3/2018 6:18:45 PM

Welcome to China! Hope you will have a very good journey in China.

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