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Dears, i´m from Portugal and need to ask some questions about shpiing costs from China to Portugal (door to door) with China Post.
1- i have a package to receive from China with 15Kg and this dimensions 50cmx75cmx75cm, decl. value is 225,00$

2- the second is a package with 60Kg dimensions 100cmx75cmx60cm, decl. value is 1200,00$

Please if possible can you give me a estimate cost (cif) from China to Portugal for each of this options.


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Hi Antonio,

1- Size is ok. If you want it to sent by air, the price is about CNY 1300. By SAL, the price is about 800.
2. As the weight limit is 20 kg for package from China to Portugal, I'm afraid your 60 kg package couldn't be deliverd by them.

You'd better find a express company to send them. They may offer you a cheaper price than China Post.

You need to insure them if you think your goods are with high values.

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