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Shipping scam


Everyone has got the wrong idea, this is a tracking scam being used by sellers on Alibaba and Aliexpress. You buy an expensive item, the seller gets some seeds or worthless junk and sends it to anyone in the US with tracking. The tracking from China Post in the US does not have a record of an address. So when this package shows "delivered", then the seller that gave this tracking number to his victim, will accuse him of getting his item. The Ali group is making $250+ Billion every year from the US and probably half is stolen money from this scam. Their arbitrators side with their sellers and give them your money. I have just become a victim of this and have clear evidence that it is a tracking scam and still I lose. The junk the seller sent with tracking was EMS, the most expensive, and the item I bought for $150 would have been $550+ to ship it. No seller spends more money to ship than what he gets for the item. Also the item had been marked "delivered" three times, indicating that this junk package was returned to the carrier twice because it was refused.

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