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stuck in China


Hello. I have a parcel stuck in China, I am asked to provide an invoice. But I don't have an invoice, I make a return of the goods to the seller from Aliexpress. Track number EL022104824RU Tell me what I need to do?

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Hi Mikhail,

You can let the seller sumbit the invoice to the customs. You couldn't sumbit it from aboard.

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I have been waiting for my parcel for many weeks and it seems to be stuck in China.
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AliExpress Standard Shipping
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2020-04-30 01:04:31

It's been stuck in China since the May 12th. Can someone help please?

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Can you check my order LB224140657SG? Its stuck at the same status for about 2weeks! I got all my other packages from other china places and also from the same place with very low difference of timing. But only this one got stuck. Can you tell where it will be leaving!?

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