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The parcel is stuck


Hi, the parcel with tracking number RA756063703RU came to ZHENGZHOU and no longer moves to me. I've received a weird message from the postal service that says that I need to pay some weird customs fees. I want to tell you that the item that is consists in the parcel is the iPhone XR that originally was bought in China as a gift and came to Russia with factory defects, so the person who had this phone as a gift sent the phone back, I'm going to receive the parcel and come with that phone to apple store and proceed the warranty repair. I'm not a shop and if you open the parcel you will see the original box of iPhone XR with the Chinese hieroglyph on the back lit of the box and broken iPhone. To tax the item that already has been taxed is really interesting thing.

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Hi Andrey,

It's retained by the customs now. If you want to get it, you need to pay for the customs fees as China Post told you.

2019-03-13 11:33 China, Retained by customs
What custom fees are you talking about?
There may be import taxes for it in China. You'd better contact China Post to check it.
Listen, the thing is that you have kept my parcel for so long, I’m leaving China right now and I want to get parcel ASAP or being send to Russia back.
Help Tracking my gift

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