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Want return item and need refund


How do I get refund and send back the item

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Hi Marie,

You need to contact the seller to ask for their address and phone number, then return it back. The seller will refund you once they get the item.

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I need to return package for a refund. Item was not as described and I am not giving as a gift as intended due to the way it looks. Please provide refund process and the method to be used for return. Thank you.

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Hi, I recently posted an inquiry at the following link:

I should return the eBay item to the seller to get a refund, and the seller doesn't cooperate with this return because he doesn't want to refund for me. So, the only way to find the item is to contact the customs in Guangzhou through the phone, and I noticed the phone number only supports Chinese language, not English.

Could you please ask the customs about my item (USPS tracking number: CH074991648US)? I don't understand Chinese language, and the seller is not helping me although I asked him a favor. The contact number to Guangzhou customs is +86 20 8110 2000. Please ask them what happened and what I should do to make it process. I should get a refund by send the item back to the seller.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Want return item and need refund (1 reply)

How do I get refund and send back the item

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