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when can parcel be shipped or be returned to sender?


Hello there,
Ihad my pacakge shipped from China on March. 15th. tracking is LX041909626CN
It is supposed to arrive thailand in 7 -14 days, but until now May, 13th, it is still in China with no sign of leaving.
I saw other parcels that sent later than mine got to be shipped, is mine lost or what happened to it? in worst case, can it be returned to the original sender?
wait for your feedback.

2 Answer(s)

Hi jenny,

It's still stuck at Guangzhou International Center now. Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly and there is few flight to Thailand. I suggest you wait for another ten days to ses if it will move. If no, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.
What is the status of this? It shows returned on November 9th. I have been in contact with seller and getting the run around from her. Says she has not received it and wants me to wait until she gets it back to reship it to me. How long should it take for her to receive it? It has been over 2 weeks now.

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