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Where are my parcels?

Asked by jason | 10/27/2020 8:56:37 PM


I want to file my complain for my Chinapost orders :
My above parcels were despatched from China on August 6, 2020 (chinapost info), supposed to be delivered to my destination: UK (United Kingdom).
However, I discovered that they were wrongly delivered to Vilnius/Lithuania, on August 28, 2020, instead of UK. And 2 months have passed now, there is no any update whatsoever.
Could anyone of you who get hold of this message, kindly forward to the appropriate department for IMMEDIATE re-forwarding to the UK, and to confirm to me by email: within the shortest possible time?

Awaiting your prompt action and reply.
Jason Lai

4 Answer(s)

Daisy 10/29/2020 10:58:53 PM

Hi jason,

Vilnius/Lithuania is a transit area. It should be transited to UK in the next. They should be delayed in Vilnius/Lithuania due to some reason. If you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution if you couldn't receive them in time.

jason 11/4/2020 8:15:30 PM

Dear Daisy,

Re: Parcels stucked at Vilnius/Lithuania for more than 2 months!


Got your reply with thanks confirming that you know that my 10 parcels (listed above) are still stucked at Vilnius more than 2 months. If this is just a transit stop for Chinapost cargo, it is beyond common sense that they can be stucked there without sufficient reasons for NOT forwarding to the UK, since the destination for these 10 parcels are for UK, not Lithuania.

Please answer and confirm me that:
1) Chinapost is well noted these 10 parcels being stucked for 2 months without update for when they will be forwarded to the UK.
2) Please let us know if there are other parcels, same like ours, being stucked also in Vilnius for that long period of time? Whats the reason for being so?
3) Possible to give us a more realstic date as when they will be reloaded for delivery to the UK?

Prompt action and reply anticipated.


jason 11/5/2020 4:48:17 AM

Dear Daisy,

Complain of delay for mu 10 parcels at Vilnius

The purpose of my writing to you is that the info showed on internet for this 10 parcels "arrived at international sorting centre of final destination". Obviously something must be wrong:
1) UK is the final destination, NOT Vilnius
2) I receive so many time parcels from China and elsewhere, they will not show parcels arrived at sorting centre, of a country, unless parcels actually arrived at the final destination; and this time the destination is wrong! Its UK, not Vilnius.

That also explained why parcels just stay at Vilnius without any further action for more than 2 months.

Will you please, pass on my complain to the responsible logistic manager and come back to me what remedial action they could do to savage my parcels back to the UK??

Do me a favour please. Prompt answer anticipated.


Daisy 11/7/2020 8:44:25 PM

Hi jason,

Sorry, we are only a tracking platform for tracking packages for free. We couldn't deal with the packages nor pass on your complain to the responsible logistic manager. You can only try to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution by yourself.

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