Where is my Parcel LO605959904CN?

Asked by Micha | 2/12/2020 11:06:44 AM

It has been longer than 2 months sice it was shipped and it is stuck since the 17.12.2019
LO605959904CN any help is appreciated

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Daisy 2/13/2020 12:17:44 AM

Hi Micha,

It was retained by the customs of Germany on Dec. 17. You'd better contact Frankfurt customs to ask how to get it.

2019-12-17 12:56, Frankfurt, overseas import customs retained pending inspection
2019-12-17 12:56, Frankfurt, sent to offshore customs authorities
2019-12-17 12:56, Frankfurt, reached the place of arrival
2019-12-08 00:37, Guangzhou, Guangzhou International has been exported directly sealed
2019-12-07 20:32, Guangzhou, arriving at Guangzhou International (via transfer)
2019-12-07 17:38, Huizhou City, leaving Huizhou City Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Guangzhou International
2019-12-07 16:32, Huizhou City, arriving at Huizhou City Mail Processing Center
2019-12-07 16:32, Huizhou City, leaving huizhou city business to win the investment department, the next station "Huizhou City Mail Processing Center"
2019-12-07 15:57, Huizhou City, Huizhou City with the city business command investment department has received

saint250 3/10/2020 3:44:31 PM


My parcel said it was leaving for overseas (UK) but now has said arrival at sorting centre and despatched sorting centre, then arrival at sorting centre. any ideas?


Daisy 3/11/2020 1:26:00 AM

Hi saint250,

What's the tracking number?

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