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Where is my parcel P000016818581 as it had failed delivery


Your order is on its way, Achira!
Thank you for shopping on eBay! Your order has shipped to no 67 lake view circular road kudamaduwa maththegoda, kottawa, LK, western province, 10230. The tracking number is P000016818581. We hope you enjoy your purchase!

Your seller, smallpartsbigdifference, has left you a message, please scroll down for more details.
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1pcs STC89C52RC-40I-PDIP40 New Genuine STC ICs
Item ID: 182484974571
Quantity: 1
Estimated delivery: Wed. Aug. 2 - Mon. Aug. 21
Paid: $5.40 with Credit card
Seller: smallpartsbigdifference.

2 Answer(s)

Reflect your problem to eBay or contact the seller to let him know you don't receive it. They should help you deal with it.

I could only see the following tracking information for your package:
2017-07-29-09:24:00-Shipmnet arrived at destination country
2017-07-27-15:01:00-departed from export center,
2017-07-25-21:00:00-Hand over to airline, HONGKONG
2017-07-25-20:00:00-Arrive at facility, HONGKONG
2017-07-25-08:58:00-Depart from facility, Shenzhen,China
2017-07-24-22:57:00-货物到达作业中心 Shipment arrived at facility, Lan Guang,Shenzhen,China
2017-07-24-22:57:00-Shipment operation completed, Lan Guang,Shenzhen,China
2017-07-24-17:57:00-Shipment information received
Good evening. I would like to know where is the order RF917652368CN. Seller says he is still at the airport. The order left Beijing on September 12 and has not yet arrived in Lisbon. Is the order lost? I spoke several times with seller but he says he still orders this at the airport.
Best regards

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