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where is your office in Riyadh (Kingdum of saudi Arabia )


where is your office in Riyadh (Kingdum of saudi Arabia )

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China Post doesn't have office in Riyadh. When it arrives in your country, it will be handed over to Saudi Post and they will deliver it to you. If you have any questions when it's in your country, contact Saudi Post please.

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These 3 parcels were arrived at Saudi , are waiting for the customs clearance . But the customs phone number given by postal office is (+966) 1 289 7473 uncorrect . No one pick up .

Please can you tell me one useful phone nunmber of Customs office in Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia?
Or who or which phone number I should contact ?

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My order number : YD156470325YW
I need contact information to Saudi post ?
And how I get order ?
Where the order is in saudi ? I live in Riyadh ?
It is in Riyadh now ?
Can i just pick up item from there offes ?
I am very urgent , I will leavin Saudi Arabia soon and I need the package now
Please I need your cooperative to make process easy to me

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