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Where my parcel


Hello just want to know where my parcel is? Was meant to get it on the 30th December. When I went on to wish app it hasn’t went down abit till it in UK. Please tell me where they are.
Tracking is RW031313445CN

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Hi Lisa,

It's still in transit to UK and not arrive in your country now. If it couldn't arrive before 30th December, you'd better open a dispute to Wish to ask your money back.
Thanks so when I get my money back do I still get my parcel?
Is my parcel lost? Want to know what is going on? If it is lost I’m never buy anything on wish ever again. Parcel was meant to be for my LG xmas
Yes, you may get the parcel in the next month. The parcel may be delayed on the way.
Thanks is my parcel definitely lost or still in transit to UK
Just want to said thanks for ur help. I have check it and it on England Heathrow worldwide dc now.
Just want to said thanks you so much for everything. My parcel is in uk so should get it tomorrow or Tuesday. Tracking is RW031313445CN
Hi Lisa,

Yes, it just arrives in UK yesterday. Royal Mail will in charge of delivering it to you in the next few days. When it arrives in your country, it usually takes some days to transit to your place.

2017-12-29 09:18 Have reached the destination country

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