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Which post office?


Tracking number: EH002100562US The USPS (American) confirmed that the package was delivered to China the 27th. It is guaranteed to be here by the 28th. My tracking number doesn't appear to be in the Chinese system.

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Hi Ayanna,

According to the trackign results, the parcel has been delivered and received on March 26, 2017.

2017-03-26 16:00 CHINA, Delivered, Your item was delivered in CHINA at 4:00 pm on March 26, 2017.
Hello I’m wondering if you can tell me when my package will arrive I ordered my package a month in half I think and I still haven’t received it. My tracking is LY332451821CN
Hi Harleydavidson,

It was delivered by airline on July 21 and takes about 20-60 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after it was delivered by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Number: LY332451821CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-07-21 11:23, Shanghai, has been handed over to the airline transport.
2020-07-21 02:56, Shanghai, Shanghai Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-07-20 23:04, Ningbo City, leaving the Ningbo International Processing Center, the next stop ,Ningbo City Mail Processing Center
2020-07-20 22:14, Ningbo City, Ningbo International Processing Center has been exported straight seal.
2020-07-20 18:04, Ningbo City, reached the center of Zhejiang Zhenhai District
2020-07-20 17:04, Ningbo City, leave the "Zhenhai directly under the operation department", the next stop "Zhejiang Zhenhai District Center"
2020-06-27 15:28, Ningbo City, "Zhenhai directly under the operating department" has received

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