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Wrong item shipped


I need to know how to contact the company I purchased from. We had he. Need to return item and the phone number on the package is not valid

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Hi Diane Barnes,

Where did you buy the item? From eBay, wish, Aliexpress or other platform? Contact their customer service to ask please. Or open an dispute. We only provide free tracking service for packages. No personal information of the sender or recipient could be provided by us.
The item you sent me it’s the wrong size where and who I can call to either change the size or return it
Hi Jeannette Kehela,

We are a third party tracking platform for packages. We don't provide service of changing items. You need to contact the seller to change it for you.
Item I received is completely wrong and was not what I expected or wanted.
Made a $59.99 purchase of a sofa that turns to a bunk bed on Nov.10, 2019 tracking# LW869391736CN and what do I get a$1 mini Dust Pan set!! I want my money back or the right product.
I ordered a $114.81 Murphy bed cabinet and received a metal childs fork and spoon valued at $5.00. I will be contacting my bank for a fraud report and refund.
Wrong item sent to me. Seller off line now I got ripped off !!!
I ordered a RC Blackhawk helicopter from your company, 55 Pingxin North Road, Pinghu Street, Shenzhen Zip 528000. I receive a toy Apache Helicopter. How do I go about returning this item AND GETTING THE ITEM I ASKED FOR?
I await your reply.

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