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" ningbo jianjun electronic Technology LTD ". Is this company genuine?


Company name: ningbo jianjun electronic Technology LTD,
City : Shenzhen
Provice : Guangdong
Country: China
Postcode (optional): 518000
Address:Ningbo hangzhou bay new area coastal 2 173 C3 plant the second floor , Zhengjiang prov., China.
Telephone (optional): 0086-186-5027-5290
# Please help me to know whether the above company is genuine. I intend to pay for supply of hair Fibre to this supposed supplier.

5 Answer(s)

Ningbo is a City in Zhejiang Province. It's strange that the company is in Ningbo City but the City you list in the second line is Shenzhen City.
I couldn't find any information about that company online. You'd better ask for their business license to check. If they have a website, ask them to send you to check.
Ningbo jianjun eletronic Technology L.T.D. is a ripp off bought tv boxs threw them once they have your money they do not respond back do not deal with them scam scam
Hi Phineas

I also just got scammed by a company claiming to be based in Shenzhen, tell me something, how did you manage to get your money back?

Did not get my money back made a complaint to the fbi internet fraud department

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