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Airline departure


When I check the status of my order LO822541035CN it says "Airline departure" twice on the 3rd of March and on the 13th of March...
What does it mean exactly? Its been moved in China quite a lot and I feel like it still hasnt left the country...

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Hi i ordered something from china and my tracking number is ly584034804cn can u let me know where it is
Where's my package at? LY614908772CN
Can you tell me where my parcels are please
The tracking hasn’t changed in days after it say flight departure
I have ordered my package back in Oct. It shipped in Nov, tracking #CP420114586CN and I still haven't received it yet. Can you track it for me?
Is there any update on this parcel it has been saying flight departure for around 12 days now
Royal Mail claim they know nothing about it
Although it is coming up they are waiting to receive the parcel
I don’t trust royal mail to many valuable parcels go missing with them
When will my package leave China?
Thank you
Hello @Daisy, can you please get me the latest info on where my package is? It says that the courier (China Post & China EMS - ePacket) didn't update the package location info for 69 days. Here is the tracking number: AS193122571CN

And please tell me what the estimated delivery date is. Thanks!
Hi Daisy, can you track my package please? thank you.
Hello in waiting for my parcel how long will this be before it gets to the uk
Tracking number is LZ627814455CN
desde el 18 de noviembre no hay cambios en el seguimiento de mi paquete me podrian informar donde esta mi paquee ya que aparece que ya esta expirado y unca llego el numero de guia es RV511730596CN
My package has been in departure for a few days. Been waiting for my package for weeks. My tracking is (LY640854785CN)
Hi Dasy! Can you check where is my package ? Tracking say flight departed. Tracking number:,ly641446244cn Thank you!
Hi Anyu1947,

It's in the US now. USPS will deliver it to you recently.

Number: LY641446244CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2021-02-25 16:40 ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS), Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS) at 4:40 pm on February 25, 2021.
2021-01-30 19:00 Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
2021-01-30 19:00 CHINA, WENZHOU EMS, Processed Through Facility
2021-01-30 17:29 CHINA, WENZHOU, Processed Through Facility
2021-01-30 10:57 CHINA, Acceptance
hello, my parcel shows airline departure LZ640866744CN what does that mean??? it is a looong time of waiting to receive a package!
Like to correct shipping zip code 44903 before package gets to United States postal service thank you
Hi Laconya williams,

If it has been shipped, it couldn't be changed on the way. You can try to correct by contacting USPS after it arrives in the US.
Hi Daisy,
Could you, please indicate me where is my parcel RE185245931CN and when to expect it to be delivered ? From 02/24/2021 the parcel is on "Flight Departure". Thank you
Hi Farwest,

It usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in Lithuania after "Flight Departure". You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
Hi Daisy,
Can you please check where my parcel EV960778335CN is? It says Flight Departure for 10 days already. Does it leave China or not? When can I expect it to be arrived?
How long does my package stay in transit it says “China accepted at airlines distribution center “ since 3 days ago so I’m just wondering if it usually takes long to move forward from that
Hi Amanda,

To my experience, it usually takes 7-40 days to reach the destination country after that.
Hi my parcel number is ev704350406cn its saying airline departure whats that mean could h tell me where my parcel is please
Hi can anyone tell me where my parcel is? It says flight departure 3 times on the 9/03/2021 & 11/03/2021 & 18/03/2021 then no update since?
Hi Ib,

Flight departure still means it's waiting for the flight now. You'd better wait for more days to get more update.
Hi @daisy, my tracking number is RV548855395CN .
I ordered it on February 28th from China to United Arab Emirates and it was going smoothly until March 22nd -it says “airline departure”.. but has not updated at all since. Should I be worried? I was expecting to already have my package by now so I’m worried ,help! China is not that far from UAE as well; so why is it taking so long?
Hi yasmeen,

It usually takes about 20-40 days to have update showing it arrives in UAE after airline departure. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
I have an order tracking number LZ729338292CN, It says flight departure the 2021-03-24 at 12:44, and yet does not appear in Canada and now new since then. Even with Post Canada tracking won't say more. Is it possible to have an update?
Hi my package has been saying “origin post is preparing shipment” for 8 days now it’s from China. I want to know if it is on the plane or it is in the US it just didn’t update. My Tracking number is: LY692480148CN
Hi @daisy, my tracking number is LY681169694CN what does it mean when it shows 2x Flight Arrival and Flight Departure?
Hi @Daisy, I used E-EMS to ship my parcel (EV963802626CN) to the UK from China. The last update shows 2021-03-23 14:40
The airline departs.
I have received no further updates, and it is now 21 days later. If you could help me figure out what is going on with my parcel it would be appreciated, as I am slightly worried it may have gone missing.

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