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Airline departure


When I check the status of my order LO822541035CN it says "Airline departure" twice on the 3rd of March and on the 13th of March...
What does it mean exactly? Its been moved in China quite a lot and I feel like it still hasnt left the country...

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Hi Daisy, can you check my package status? I'm getting worried because there is no updates since 04/10
Tracking number: CP427795265CN

Thanks, Gerhard
My package has been in transit for 25 days now. Why has it not arrived yet? The flight departure was over a week ago. Is my package lost? LY691316159CN
Tracking number is LX276586674CN , its saying its airline departure on March 26th
I have a package and its been on flight departure dir 2 days would you be able to help. Tracking is LY697947516CN
Hi Chris,

LX276586674CN is sent by e-packet. e-packet is slow at present. It usually takes about 30-60 days to reach Canada after airline departure. There will be update when it arrives. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
Hi Gwynne,

LY697947516CN is sent by e-packet. e-packet is slow at present. It usually takes about 30-60 days to reach the US after flight departure. There will be update when it arrives. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
Hi Daisy,
Can you please check where EV965335895CN might be.
Thank you
Hi Daisy,
Can you please give me an update for LY737234997CN. Thank you.
Hi can you tell me the status of my parcel it has been in transit for 150 days the tracking number is EV947527620CN thank you.
My package has been taking longer then usual i need to know what’s wrong My tracking number is: LY738620630CN it’s nothing to valuable but i want to know.
Hi there! Could you help me with my parcel: LZ841338090CN. It shows airline departure but hasn’t been updated since. Is my parcel still in China or is it on the way? Thank you!
Hi. My parcel update says Airline Departure as of May 8, 2021. How many days will it take to update again?
my parcel going to ireland has been saying the fligt has departed since may 9th
My parcel has been stuck on “airline departure” for two weeks now. My last package which was shipped two days before this one came in 6 days, is this package lost or stuck? The tracking number is EB744434985CN. Any information on where the package is, would be perfect!
cancel my shipment. return the package to the vendor/shipper and send me confirmation this was done. my tracking number is: LY764956040CN

if i do not have confirmation today, i will cancel the transaction through my credit card company and be done with it.
Hey, my parcel showed status of "Airline departure" on 10th of May, 2021. Its been 9 days, it is still on the same status. How much time does it take to reach Pakistan after airline departure?
My tracking number is RV560299957CN.
My tracking ID is RV560299957CN. Can you please check it's been 9 days, its status is "Airline Departure". How much would it take to reach Pakistan?
The following packages have no updates and I am worried they are lost. I seriously doubt it takes 18 days in flight to reach USA. Somthing is wrong. Tracking numbers below.


The following packages have no updates.
Could I check the status of my package? The tracking number is EV973602575CN . thanks
My package tracking information sawing that airline departure on 22 may 2021... But still my package not delivered to me now more than 2 month... Very bad experience with China post and China online shopping
Tracking number is RV558088662CN
Order number is UBF50978
Hi, my package is stuck on the plane has entered the port. Can I learn the situation of it? RR772630155CN
Hello, I'm looking for an update on LY731613223CN. This order was placed in April and started tracking on 4/22. It's been stuck under "flight departure" since 5/25 (3 weeks). Thank you!
LZ745510127CN left China on the 5th of June would like to know how long it will take to get to Australia
Where is my package LZ717565779CN it has no update since 8 May
my tracking is saying that the airline has been departed but there hasn’t been an update for a few days. ehst does this mean has the plane landed or is it in another country. any updates would be good tracking number is LX289019108CN
My tracking says the airline has departed but i havent received an update in days, i need the package before the 27th july is there any possibility of it coming by then. the last time i ordered i got in less than two weeks. can i have an update on it the tracking number LX289019108CN
This package has been stuck in flight departure for over 3 months is there something wrong? EV962352571CN
Hello Daisy
My package EB746625571CN shows no update, could you please help me know the status of it
Hi Daisy
My parcel tracking was on flights departure on tuesday 22/06.
And on flights departure on 24/06/21.
Why 2 Time the same status.
Is my parcel left China or not.
Best Regards

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