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Airline departure


When I check the status of my order LO822541035CN it says "Airline departure" twice on the 3rd of March and on the 13th of March...
What does it mean exactly? Its been moved in China quite a lot and I feel like it still hasnt left the country...

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Hi there
Can I please ask you about my deliveries. They don’t seem to be moving for a long time now. It says flight departure on 10/9/21
LV268549533CN is the tracking number. The status states "airline is shipping" what does this mean and when will I receive it?
Hi my package LV215191409CN has been in transit for 60 days now please can you tell me where it it ?
Can you please give me an update on this order LV259669780CN cause it's been in flight departure for ages and there is still NO updates for it I would like to know how far away it is
Why is my package taking so long to arrive??

Tracking Number: LZ994422659CN
Check the status of my package
Tracking number LV274859273CN
Please help me track my parcel. It is missing. EB752430543CN
Could somebody update me on my package
Hi! Can you tell me the status of my package? It’s EB753667719CN. I haven’t seen any update since October 2.
Re: tracking #RV581850352CN
I placed an order in September 2021, and my package has been in transit for 67 days. Did it leave China yet?
Hey, can you tell me where my package is? I am really worried
LV317670555CN. Thanks
Hi, can you tell me where my parcel is? And how long it’s going to take, it’s been a month since ordering. LX294401120CN
My tracking number: LV305504388CN
it says since 24 october “flight departure”. Im waiting so long for my package, it is now 7 december, maybe my package is lost or something.
Hi I wanted to know how is my package going... The last thing is "airline departure"

The tracking no is: LV358733714CN
Thank you!
LV328286451CN Do you have any details for my parcel?
Hi i’m wondering where my package is and when it’ll arrive since it’s been in transit for some time
When I check the status of my order it says "Airline departure" for a while could you please check with this tracking no " UU325382365CN "
Check status of my package AS742959512CN
Does this mean my parcel is in Uk airport? and when can I expect it? Tracking number: LX295116695CN
The tracking told me that plane entered the port. My package LV371306698CN is stuck in transit I think because there are no notification since 17th of December, and I need that package as soon as possible
My tracking for S00000242163481 hasn't updated in 15 days im worried my package might not arrive, help
My package has been moving, it says airline departure in a certain amount of days, however I'm not sure if the package is out of China or it is still there.
Could you please help me?
Hello. So my package says “airline departure” twice before it says “transit station transit” then after that again it says “airline departure” so in total 3 times. Could you please let me know where my package is right now as I do not have a clue since after “transit station transit” in once again says “airline departure”
Hello, can you please let me know what’s happening with my parcel tracking EA595055819CN it says been waiting for a flight for over two weeks. This is express and usually I receive delivery within a week. Thank you
Can someone tell me when I should expect this package? It should be here this week, it departed the airport in china for the US already. Tracking number LY988684908CN
Hello guys I have paid for 2 items and also paid extra for priority shipping ems and it still say it is stuck “ cleared and awaiting international departure “
Tracking # EB762735690CN & EV014485370CN
6 days it’s been there
Can you update on my tracking number please EV014503612CN as it doesn’t seem to have left China and it’s been 3 weeks . Thank you
My package has been showing "Los Angeles USA, Leave UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA" for about a week now and i dont know what to do about it
Hello, my package has not been delivered and has been in transit for 88 days, where may it be? please email me
The number is RV595969706CN
Hello could I get an update on my package as it hasn’t moved my tracking number is LV519451805CN Thank you.

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