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Airline departure


When I check the status of my order LO822541035CN it says "Airline departure" twice on the 3rd of March and on the 13th of March...
What does it mean exactly? Its been moved in China quite a lot and I feel like it still hasnt left the country...

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Hello, Im curious about what "the plane entered the port" means. No further update since this. It's been 6 days. Which port? LW236869160CN Thanks.
Is there way to check what day is estimated to arrive and if my package is in the united states
Poor answer. It says airline departure 2 times. Did it just go for a day trip?
can I have an update on my parcel please LV607732324CN is my tracking number thank you
Buenos días, ¿podrias hacerme una actualización de mi paquete? Hace una semana que me pone salida de la aerolínea, gracias
Hola ¿podrias darme una actualización de mi paquete? Lleva varios días en salida de la aerolínea
Hi, I ordered a package and it says flight departed on19/08/2022 it’s now 29/10/2022. I haven’t seen any change in transit info.
Tracking No. UU416622437CN
Thank you
Hello, how many international outbound mail facilities are there for China post ? I know there is one in ghangzhou as I have a package from their ?
Tengo un paquete desde el 7 de noviembre, viene para Colombia, me podrían indicar si si viene en camino y maso menos cuánto puede tardar en llegar o me estafaron por favor: RG008719708CN

LV650362644CN my order said flight departure twice and my estimated delivery keep getting pushed back. Where js my package?
Hi my parcel I ordered on 21 Nov 22 an it's now 21 Dec 22 that's a month an it says it's just waiting to go on plane now 21 12 22 track no LV639418911CN pls tell me whn my parcel 2ill arrive as it was as gift ?
Hi I’m wondering where my package is has it left china?
My package says it was to arrive on the 3rd " 9200190333907603053409" it says arrived at airport twice and airport departure twice
Hi, please can check status of my package
Hi, my package still say airlines departure.

I don’t if still in china

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