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Airline departure


When I check the status of my order LO822541035CN it says "Airline departure" twice on the 3rd of March and on the 13th of March...
What does it mean exactly? Its been moved in China quite a lot and I feel like it still hasnt left the country...

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Could I get an update on my package please? I’ve been unable to see any updates for a couple days now. I appreciate the help.
Thank you.
Tracking number: LY797000098CN
Hello! Could you please update me as to where my package: LS426809958CN is? It seems like it keeps moving to and from the same airport! Thank you!
LY806620256CN LY806593215CN
It says flight departure on June 23 but no new updates on both packages. Is there any way I can get a update please?
.... daisy did u give up?
Hi, can you help me with the status of my package. Thank you.
Tracking number is : LZ937821065CN
Hi My package has not been moving status since 23rd June 2021. Please help check what is happening. LP085282503CN
my package was ship on may 18 but i still not receive it and it says airline departs two times last june 22 should i worried? its taking too long should i open dispute now?
My tracking is LP090793181CN.
The last update was airline departure on 3/7/2021.It's weird because my location is not too far from China, 4 hours flight, but it has been 4 days with no further update
Is the status real?
Hello my tracking says that it departed on 6/19 but it hasn't updated since is this normal ? CP437449252CN tracking
where is my package? us193444965cn
Hi my order has been on “flight departed” since June 20, but has still not been received by my country at customs. Has it left? Has it crashed?
Hola, me puede decir dónde está mi paquete? No se actualiza en Amazon desde el 23 de junio de 2021, y no sé dónde está. Este es el número de seguimiento:
Good day! I just want to follow up my parcel. The tracking number is RV572681956CN. Is now more than two since it's flight departure. Please update my parcel. Thank you. Stay safe.
My parcel is overdue delivery to the UK and is currently reading “flight departure” when being tracked (EV983815080CN). This has been the case since 3rd July 2021 and after 12days there is yet to be any update. Can someone help?
My parcel has been stuck in airline departs for 3 weeks and 4 days still no update should I be worried tracking number is CY0001346241CN
My order that I ordered many weeks ago has been at in the airport Guangzhou Baiyun International airport for more then a month and the last thing it said was assigned to transport. I’m just wondering what’s happening and why I haven’t received my order by now considering I ordered it on express also.
EV983904195CN my package i stuck in transit for days what does this mean?
Can you check and see if it has left China? It says flight departure twice on the tracking, looks like it was in a loop of back and forth for a bit LY820786146CN thanks
In Transit
Can you check and see if it has left China? It says flight departure twice on the tracking, looks like it was in a loop of back and forth for a bit LY820786146CN thanks
In Transit
Please advise status of my package. US192786760CN. Also is there information on the size/weight and US Courrier? Thanks.
My tracking number is EB748623352CN, it has stayed in the flight departure status since July 15th can you please provide an update for where this package is?

Could you please tell me where my parcel is LX291304937CN
my package is in China from the airline since July 15 and since more news of my package which must arrive in France. Can you help me ?
Just wondering why it’s taking so long,is it lost ?
My tacking number is RV575243747CN could you give me an update on where it is?
Can you give me the latest status of CH139292815US? Last status was from the U.S. in Miami awaiting transport. The parcel is also missing the Chinese telephone contact number.
has my package left china heading for usa? tracking # is ly845975242cn

Hi can you tell me when my parcel will arrive in the uk to be handed over to Royal Mail as the tracking says it left China on the 12th Aug and it still isn’t in the uk yet, my tracking number is LV203600891CN
What does Flight Departure mean ?
Hi daisy can you please tell me the status of my package LV242305658CN It has been stuck in the same place for some time now

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