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Customs clearance


Parcel been in customs waiting for clearance for 29 days at Guangzhou airport. LK981488753AU

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It's stuck at the customs. You'd better contact the recipient to ask if he has received some notice about how to get it.
My parcel been is in custom for clearance in Guangzhou . Why? bought from aliexpress. what should i do now?
Hi Christopher,

What's the tracking number?
My parcal stay in Perform customs clearance Shanghai over 1 month . Tracking is CP056450615TH , Please check its for me.. I want to know the status and what update of my parcal..
my package to china is stuck at customs since december 22. my receiver told me to send in my ID and i already did but the clearance did not go through and im not sure what else i cna do on my end or what else i should do. My tracking number is EE211030635CA. Thanks。
My order was last tracked 11/4/21 but no other information since, could it be stuck in customs or how do I go about locating the package?
Tracking: LY908459035CN
my package was in Customs clearance since August 2021.
Please check its for me, here is the tracking number CP077981865IT.

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Hi All,

My parcel is sent from South Korea to China address to transportation Company
Tracking number : CA004180081KR
Right now last update is on 08/10/2021 and it has EME status on Customs Clearance.
Do I need to ask transportation company to make some actions or wait for customs clearance ? is it a normal status at customs clearance ?

Kind Regards

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Hello, tracking number UA443376214US, it seems have already fulfilled the clearance on the online customs website 2days ago, while the postal tracking says:Held by customs and the receiver didn’t get any notification about tax or other information. Is this package out of clearance or held by the customs?

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My product (LX631346927CN) has not yet reached the post office in Brazil, and is more than month in the Customs Clearance, I ask you to solve this problem.

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