Damaged parcel with glass contents smashed

Asked by April penny | 7/3/2017 4:34:19 AM

I live in U.K. I received a small packet by air today via china post. The parcel was clearly bashed on the outside package and the glass contents have been smashed to pieces to which I am very disappointed. How do I get compensated for the loss of these items broken in transit ? Can you please advise me what to do.
Sent from: no.1208 Basie Road, Wishstore House,xuhui District, shanghai 200237
Number on label. 519991
Barcode. 83153917786

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Daisy 7/3/2017 8:36:58 PM

Hi April penny,

Is this what you bought online? If so, contact the seller to reflect your problem. The seller should give you compensation. Remember to take some photos of the glass contents with the packing case together as the proof.

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