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LX084300205CN was updated on 12th April, what is estimated delivery date to UK address?

Thank you.

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Hi miker,

It was delivered to air transport on April 13 and takes about 7-10 days to leave China. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about another 15-40 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives. Please wait for more days to see.
Hi Mike, I'm also waiting for a package in the UK? Did you receive yours yet? Just so I know how long it will take for mine. Cheers
to Am1n...
the items have not arrived - 4th May
Cheers Miker,

My Parcel finally arrived today (EA929674635CN), it was originally dispatched on 23/24 April, and left air transports on 30 April. Fingers crossed your one arrives soon.
Hi Am1n,

It was delivered on May 14 by Parcelforce.

Number: EA929674635CN
Package status: Delivered (18 Days)
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2020-05-14 12:43, London South West Depot, Delivered
2020-05-14 09:05, London South West Depot, Out for delivery
2020-05-14 00:17, London South West Depot, Prepared for delivery
2020-05-14 00:12, London South West Depot, Received at delivery depot
2020-05-13 11:02, National Hub, Sorted
2020-05-12 18:32, International Hub, Arrived in the UK
2020-04-27 21:57, Delivery Agent - GUANGZHOU - PTT, Despatched to the UK
2020-04-26 15:52, Delivery Agent - GUANGZHOU - PTT, Prepared for despatch to the UK
2020-04-25 20:11, Delivery Agent - CHINA, Collected
Yes thank you Daisy
Hi Am1n,
parcel arrived on 28th May - 56 days from date of order confirmation

I ordered something from a seller on the 13th of January, was apparently collected on the 6th of February from the seller but last tracking I had was that it arrived at distribution centre in Langley (UK) on the 17th of February and I have not heard anything since.

So basically I've had absolutely no update on where my parcel is and the seller has been less than helpful.

is there ANYONE I can contact to find out where my package is. the tracking number I was given was UJ911133515CN

Any help would be greatfully appreciated as it has now been 70 days since order confirmation and 46 days since it was collected from the seller.
Hi darreng,

UJ911133515CN is sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it after it arrives in UK. So, you can't get more update after Feb.17. It usually takes about 60-90 days to be delivered. If you couldn't get it in time, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution.
Tracking says my parcel delivered 11.59 on 16/11/2021. It was not delivered to me.! Where is it?
Tracking no. LV322805989CN
My parcel Cp406038416cn was last updated on 31st October, 2021. I had 3 parcels sent out at the same time and I have received the other 2. Can you please tell me where this last one is? Thanks
My order says it has been delivered but it has not!! How can I find out where is has gone? I was in all day and no one called with a delivery

Please help me to find my package

Can anyone please help me find out where this parcel has been delivered to?? No one is getting back to me. It says it has been delivered but it hasn’t been delivered to me and doesn’t give any details as to where it’s gone!? Who delivers for China post when the parcels reach the uk!? Is it Royal Mail!?

Please help
Hi I just want to check if my order is real. I was sent a tracking number and now seems to have stopped.

My parcel say it been delivered but I haven’t got anything this is my tracking AQ258153102CN

Hi Eman,

It hasn't been delivered. It's still in transit.

Number: AQ258153102CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2022-08-17 22:20 Departed from the airport
2022-08-15 16:10 Arrive at [Terminal], Arrived at airline
2022-08-13 10:10 Leave the Shenzhen Processing Center, the next stop, Departed from post office
2022-08-11 16:50 Arrive at the Shenzhen Processing Center and arrive to post office
2022-08-11 09:50 Nanchang City, [Industrial Park Investment Department] has been received and sent, the contractor: Zhu Anqi, Tel: 15697846563
2022-08-10 11:30 Nanchang City, arrived in Nanchang City, [Industrial Park Investment Department] has been received and sent
Please let me know when will you deliver the following:
Where is my package and long till delivery pleas?
Please could you tell me where my parcel is from china post the tracking number is AG123118235CN many thanks

My parcel (AG781027892CN) is showing as delivered but its not been delivered, can someone please gove me an update please?
AG985518671CN China post says it was delivered today which it was not. I have CCTV installed and no one came to my home. Also no UK postal company has handled this parcel. Scammers
My package say delivered but I not have it yet AT010728195CN
Which courier delivered it please

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