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did they attempt a delivery?


Hello, I wanted to know if a delivery was attempted. If so, I work during the day and want to see if I can get my delivery changed to my job address.
Thank you.

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Hi Brian,

The China Post tracking system shows it has been delivered successfully on July 26th.

2016-07-26 17:07
NEWBURGH, NY 12550, Delivered, Your item was delivered at 5:07 pm on July 26, 2016 in NEWBURGH, NY 12550.

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I have returned some goods to a chinese seller and the tracking says there was a delivery attempt on 30.12.
The seller has not received it yet, so I guess the attempt failed.
Tracking Nr is: CY511249954DE
Is there an issue with the address? Will there be a second delivery attempt?
Kind regards

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I ordered something on amazon and the status says delivery attempt but ive been home the entire time and noone has shown up for a delivery attempt. Can you provide a number to the carrier that is attempting delivery in Vancouver, Washington, USA

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Hi China Post,
The attempt delivery scheduled on next working day did not happen yet, after the first delivery not finished because the Addressee not available on November 13, 2021, 5:26 pm. The small package is still held at Delivery Depot/Delivery Office.
The small package is with tracking number CH146043274US / priority mail. The USPS claimed it to be delivered in 6-8 days. But it still not arrive after one month.

We appreciate very much you can provide a help. If you still cannot reach the addressee (cell phone: 15917706039) in your next attempt, please leave the package at their front door or leave a message note with contact instructions.

a customer named Tom

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